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Existing Systems Training
Training is required when new starters commence their induction process. Staff join and leave and undocumented processes go with them. A great deal of time is wasted trying to reconstruct and redefine business processes. There are also times when firms need to retrain existing members of staff on the use of their current systems (and new internal procedures). Trying to deliver all of this by asking an existing member of staff to ‘show them how to use it’ can actually be counter productive. This is because you can’t be sure that your chosen member of staff is using the system as it should be used in the first place or may have learnt it from others who didn’t maximise (or understand) its full function and options. This is usually as a direct result of them not receiving professional training themselves initially and even if they did, they may not be taking advantage of what the system has to offer.

Legal Needs can optimize business processes through retraining and your firm can be assured there is a consistent approach to operations substantially reducing cost, complexity and risk of business process failure.





New Systems Training.
You may be embarking on the role out of a new system and considering the costs of using a Trainer. Legal Needs can deliver comprehensive training on any system that you have chosen. We have of many years of experience in delivering this with complete success at all times.
As we are independent and unencumbered, we can also combine any other new processes, such as an internal procedure, in the training to maximise the opportunity.

We also design bespoke course content for training and produce publications for future use, sometimes on a user-by-user format and indexed. This can also be combined with internal procedures that have emerged from our initial consultations with you.

Legal Needs regularly provide Training Services to legal software developers, legal practice and local authorities around the UK and parts of mainland Europe.


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